ECP Staff

Kilian Betlach – Principal                                                  Asmara Ogbai – Assistant Principal


Maddie Donatoni – English, 6th                                   Mara Flores-Schustack – English, 7th


Pat Rexrode – History, 7th                                                   Malinda Morales – ELD


Yeni Lucero – PE                                                              Aurora Barajas – Family Resource Director


Shula Bien – English, 8th                                                  Priyanka Metha – Mathematics, 8th


Shari Generaux – Science, 8th                                            Darielle Vigay – History, 8th


Ramiro Rodriguez – PE                                                               Coach Brandi – PE


Doug Calderon – Visual Art                                         William Short – Computer Science, Data Lead


Coach T – PE                                                                          Christian Rose – Blueprint Mathematics Fellow


Mr D- Blueprint Mathematics Fellow                                  Andrea Loza- Blueprint Mathematics Fellow


Clarence Holmes – Librarian                                                   Mariko White – ELD, English Instructional Coach


Curt Douglas – English Instructional Coach                            Anthony Turner – Mathematics Instructional Coach


Alex Ryan – SDC Teacher                                                                Ms Jackson – SDC Assistant


Sam Shujaa – SPED Assistant                                                         Ariel Benavides – Peer Restorative Justice Coordinator


Sagnithe Salazar – Restorative Justice Coordinator                      Maya Mercer – STIP Substitute


Jason Tatum – Restorative Justice                                                 Clark Harney – After-School Director


Cory Aguilar – Latino Men and Boys Club                                       Greg Nelson – Head Custodian


Louise Brewster – Guidance Counselor                                           Caroline Casias – School Counselor


Francisco Flores – Office Manager                                                         Ms Angie – Attendance Clerk

Cindy Gonzalez – TUPE Counselor                                                            Kia Walton–Mathematics, 6th



Maggie Powers–SPED Teacher                                                                  Kiara Herera–Science, 6th



Alyssa Pandolfi–Science, 7th                                                                           Greer Relphorde–Mathematics, 7th


Stephanie Ullman–History, 6th                                                                      Leah Cole–SPED Teacher

Kilian Betlach

Kilian Betlach is in his 6th year as the principal of Elmhurst Community Prep.  He holds an a MA in Educational Leadership and Administration from San Jose State University, and a BA in Philosophy and Psychology from Boston College.

When not at ECP, Mr. Betlach likes to spend time with his wife, son and daughter. He likes to work in the yard, ride his bike, and probably knows more about pirates than the average person.

Asmara Ogbai

Mr Ogbai is in his third year at ECP and first as Assistant Principal. He attended UC Santa Barbara and has lived all over the country, including San Diego, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Oakland. He supports Barcelona FC, the LA Lakers and the San Diego Chargers and in his free time enjoys traveling and participating in outdoor activities (especially if they involve water).

Madison Donatoni

Ms. Toni is from Los Angeles, CA and this is her second year at ECP teaching 6th Grade English. In her free time she is currently learning Bachata.

Mara Flores-Schustack

Ms. Flores is from Los Angeles, CA and is ECP’s 7th Grade English teacher. She loves graphic novels, comic books, superheroes, zombies, monsters, arts + crafts, glitter, reading, swimming, eating, watching movies, taking pictures, traveling, camping, speaking new languages and teaching middle school!

Patricia Rexrode

Ms. Rexrode hails from Poway, California, and has lived in the Bay Area since 2004. She has a BA in History from UCSD, and a BS and MS in Education from Western Oregon University. She has taught at ECP since 2014, and has been teaching since 1995. She loves reading, watching cooking shows, and spending time with her family.

Malinda Morales

Ms Morales is the ECP ELD teacher and is in her third year at ECP. Ms Morales attended Cal State East Bay. In her free time she loves reading long books in an attempt to win trophies for reading contests!

Yeni Lucero

Aurora Barajas

Aurora Barajas is the Community School School Manager at Elmhurst Community Prep. Many of her work is supporting the core values to promote positive school culture, develop and manage the partnerships at ECP, expand the reach and effectiveness of family involvement, and drive social justice to serve the students as a whole!

Ms. Barajas grew up in Oakland and attended Oakland Public Schools.  She had educators and teachers that saw potential in her and supported her to get a higher education. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Cal State East Bay. All of Ms. Barajas career has been in Oakland’s education; from an Educator/ Mentor, After School Director, Community Organizer, to now the Community Schools Manager at ECP! She does not see herself working anywhere else than with her community, Oakland!

She loves to spend quality time with my daughters and friends, take road trips and travel, dance, and go on hikes. She is also a Mexica Danzante, which keeps her rooted to her ancestors’ traditions and spirituality.

Shula Bien

Ms. Bien is from Jay, ME and graduated from the University of Chicago with an MA in teaching and a BA in Latin American Studies. This is her fourth year as the 8th Grade English teacher at ECP. She believes that education is the pathway to freedom. She chooses literature that inspires young people to understand and transform their world.

Priyanka Metha

Ms. Metha is from Seattle, WA and attended the University of Chicago. This is her first year as the 8th Grade Mathematics/Teacher at ECP. She likes the Seahawks, Harry Potter, swimming and hiking.

Shari Generaux

Darielle Vigay

Ms. Vigay attended UC Berkeley and Lesley University. This is her fourth year working with the ECP community and first as the 8th Grade History teacher. Ms. Vigay is a proud Oakland native and graduate of McClymonds High School. She enjoys hanging out with her husband and three children, going to church and watching Oakland sports.

Ramiro Rodriguez

Coach Rodriguez is originally from Peru, South America and has been teaching at ECP since 2014. He
holds a MS and a BS from California State University East Bay in Sports Science and Kinesiology
respectively. Coach Rodriguez has been teaching and coaching for over 20 years and his philosophy is that
great teaching and coaching occurs when a student athlete with desire is met with skillful coaching in a
fun and competitive environment, allowing both to grow.

After school, Coach Rodriguez is involved in the soccer community in various roles. He is a US Soccer
Coaching instructor, Olympic Development Program Coach and coaches the Men’s soccer team at
Oakland Merritt College. Coach Rodriguez’s wife, Laura, their son Santiago and their daughter Anna
reside in the East Bay.

Brandi Corbett

Brandi Corbett is new to ECP and a native of Oakland, CA. She holds a BS in Kinesiology with a focus on Physical Education and Certified Fitness Training, and is soon to be Nutritionist. Coach Brandi loves to serve with and for her church and especially those less fortunate. She enjoys writing spoken word, playing pick up games, having get-togethers and meeting new people.

Doug Calderon

William Short

Mr. Short is from Northboro, MA and has been teaching at ECP since 2012. He holds an MA in Education from Loyala Marymount University and a BA in Quantitative Economics from Providence College. Mr Short is a rabid supporter of Boston sports and loves to play guitar, do crosswords, snowboard, and tinker with technology.

Coach T

Coach T is a Volleyball and Soccer coach as well as a drama instructor. She attended Academy of Arr University andStella Adler Studio of Acting, NYC. Check out the school production of The Wiz this spring!

Christian Rose

This is Mr Rose’s first year at ECP as a math fellow. He graduated from Boston University with a degree in Philosophy and enjoys hockey and music.

Mr D

Andrea Loza

This is Ms Loza’s first year at ECP as a math fellow. She graduated from San Jose State University and enjoys soccer, running and being with family.

Clarence Holmes

Mariko White

Curt Douglas

Mr. Douglas is from San Diego, CA.  He’s been a teacher in the bay area since 2005 and has been an instructional coach at ECP since 2015.  He has an MA in Education from UC Berkeley and a BA in Literature from UC San Diego.  He reads so much his hands are filled with papercuts.  He loves rock climbing and knows a good knock knock joke when he sees one.

Alex Ryan

Ms. Ryan is from Oakland, California. She taught in Brooklyn, New York before joining the ECP team in 2017. Ms. Ryan has a BA in English from Columbia University and an MS in Special Education from Hunter College. In her spare time she loves to swim, paint, and hike.

Anthony Turner

Mr. Turner is from Shrewsbury, UK and has been an instructional coach at ECP since 2017. He holds an MA in Historical Research from the University of Liverpool and a BA in Criminology and History from Liverpool John Moores University. Mr. Turner is an avid Shrewsbury Town + Chelsea FC fan and he likes to spend his Thursday nights playing soccer in a local adult league. Outside of school Mr. Turner loves to hike, ski, snowboard in his free time.


Sam Shujaa

Ariel Benavides

Ariel Benavides is Black educator working to bring joy and justice into schools. She attended college in Santa Cruz and majored in Community Studies; she is currently a director at Gallileo Summer Camp. Ms Ariel been working at Elmhurst Community Prep as a Restorative Justice (RJ) Coordinator, training students in RJ, supporting adults and the larger school culture. Ariel has trained educators around the Bay on how to make restorative justice real in schools at all levels.

Sagnithe Salazar

Sagnicthe Salazar is a first generation undocumented migrant Xicana from East Oakland by way of Guadalajara, Jalisco.  He is a grassroots organizer and educator who has dedicated the last 18 years of his life to organizing for cultural, educational, workplace and human rights of Raza communities and communities throughout the region. He organizes with Xicana Moratorium Coalition, developing Xicana change agents, and building with different communities. He was the Dean of Restorative Discipline and School Culture at Castlemont High School and is now the Director of Restorative Discipline at Elmhurst Community Prep in East Oakland.

Maya Mercer

Ms Mercer is from Oakland, CA and attended Holy Names High School and the University of San Francisco. She enjoys dance and watching films.

Jason Tatum

Jason Tatum is a native of the SF Bay Area. He graduated from Hayward High School in 1999 and later from Cal State Hayward in the spring of 2006. There he majored in Ethnic Studies and minored in Political Science and also was the President of the Academic Society and Chair of an alliance of social equity student clubs on campus. When he’s not at Elmhurst Community Prep he enjoys Photography and film making along with cheering for his youngest son at his little league games. His passion for authentic equity and change in the community that raised him is his ultimate goal for his work at ECP.

Clark Harney

Mr H is from Newhall, California and holds a BA in Sociology from UCSB. His hobbies include guitar, music, the Raiders, cooking and his truck. He was on Judge Judy! Google it!

Cory Aguilar

Mr Cory was born and raised in East Oakland and attended SF State. His family is from Mexico and El Salvador. History is his passion and he loves to travel.

Louise Brewster

Ms Brewster is from Modesto, California and currently lives in Alameda, California. She has an 11 year-old son and chocolate is her favorite food in the whole world.

Ms Caroline

Francisco Flores

Angie Gonzalez

Cindy Gonzalez

Ms Cindy is from Chicago, Illinois and holds a Masters’ degree in Clinical Psychology. She knows that from trauma people can build resiliency and pain can become power. She runs to relax and loves cooking and braiding hair.

Kia Walton

Kia Walton has worked at ECP for 4 years. Her favorite foods are chili cheese dogs and Jamba Juice. When she is not devouring these things, she is playing volleyball in her hometown of Richmond, CA. She reps hard for the Math Team (Magic) and loooves all of her Advisory girls.

Maggie Powers

A first year special education teacher at ECP, Maggie originally earned their credential in the South Louisiana where they taught for three years. Maggie is a graduate of Saint Mary’s College California, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies. Outside of school, they can be found hiking in hills of the East Bay or roller skating around Lake Merritt.
Kiara Herera

Ms Hererra is from East San Jose, CA and attended Santa Clara University and the University of Colorado. Her hobbies include watching the Warriors, snowboarding in Tahoe, running around Lake Merritt, traveling, visiting family and singing song lyrics to students.

Alyssa Pandolfi

Ms. Pandolfi is from North Haven, CT and studied Environmental Science at Northeastern and Urban Education at Loyola Marymount University. When she’s not at school, she loves reading and talking about Harry Potter books, playing dodgeball, making really terrible cheesy jokes, and hanging out with her family.

Greer Relphorde

Ms Relphorde graduated from the University of Missouri and is in her second year as the 7th Grade Math teacher at Elmhurst Community Prep. She supports Colin Kapernick and is a carb-loving vegetarian.

Leah Cole

Leah Cole works in Special Education at ECP. She is an amateur photographer and likes to spend her free time reading, hiking, cycling, kayaking, playing volleyball and swimming. She used be a musician but hasn’t played in over 15 years – let her know if you have a saxophone you don’t want!

Stephanie Ullman

Stephanie Ullman was born and raised in the city of Chicago. After receiving her Master’s in Education from Stanford University, she decided to teach in Oakland because it was a lot like her hometown (only way warmer). Ms. Ullman has taught 3rd-4th and 11th graders, but 6th grade World History is by far her favorite. This is her third year working at Elmhurst Community Prep. Ms. Ullman loves working at ECP and having the opportunity to help students make connections between the past and the present day.

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