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Mr. Betlach: Principal

Mr. Betlach is in his 8th year at ECP. He began as the Assistant Principal, and took the wheel as principal in 2012. A graduate of Boston College and San Jose State, Mr. Betlach taught English and ELD for six years before coming to Elmhurst. He lives in Oakland with his wife and son, where he enjoys riding his bike, reading good books, eating burritos, and telling bad jokes.

Ms. Dawn: Assistant Principal  [National Board Certified]

Sunny Dawn, AP at ECP, has worn many hats;  Teacher, Political Activist (CTA, CFT Representative and IGLHRC), DJ and now Assistant Principal. She has two lovely children: a teenager and a newborn. Ms. Dawn is completely thrilled and honored to be a part of the ECP family and its’ No-Matter-What philosophy.


Ms. DuQuette: Mathematics/Science 

**November/ December 2014 Educator of the month**

Ms. DuQuette has taught for ten years, the last five at Elmhurst Community Prep.


Ms. Toni: English


Ms. Ullman: History

Stephanie Ullman was born and raised in the city of Chicago. After receiving her Master’s in Education from Stanford University, she decided to teach in Oakland because it was a lot like her hometown (only way warmer). Ms. Ullman has taught 3rd-4th and 11th graders, but 6th grade World History is by far her favorite. She loves working at ECP and having the opportunity to help students make connections between the past and the present day.

Ms. Walton: Mathematics/ Science

**October 2014 Educator of the month**

Ms. Walton grew up in the Bay Area, before attending Columbia University. This is her 3rd year at ECP.



Ms. Flores-Schustack: English 

**April 2015 educator of the month**

Mara Flores Schustack was born in sunny Los Angeles, CA. She moved to UC Berkeley to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature. She taught Outdoor Education in San Francisco and even taught Marine Education! Eventually, she decided to earn her teaching credential at Mills College after realizing she couldn’t stay away from teaching middle school.  Ms. Flores is entering her ninth year of teaching seventh grade English. Ms. Flores loves biking, chocolate, reading comic books, and traveling.


Ms. Pandolfi: Science

Alyssa Pandolfi was born in North Haven, CT and lived there until she loved being outside (trying to figure out how living things worked with each other). She moved to Boston, MA where she lived for five years, studying Environmental Science, Spanish, and Latino Culture at Northeastern University. Ms. Pandolfi spent 6 months working with teenaged public health advocates and was sure she wanted to become a science teacher. Ms. Pandolfi (a.k.a. Pando) worked at Castlemont High School for three years before moving to ECP. She loves her collections, kittens, and going on hikes in Oakland.

Ms. Relphorde: Math

Ms. Rexrode: History

**September 2016 educator of the month**

After 18 years in teaching, Ms. Rexrode is glad to have found a home here at ECP.  A California native, she got her History degree at UC San Diego and her Education Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Western Oregon University.  She loves working with 7th graders, and enjoys sharing World History with them.



Ms. Generaux: Science 

**January 2015 Educator of the month**

Shari Generaux was born in Kansas City, MO. She spent most of her summers camping & backpacking in the hills of Montana. While still living in Missouri she studied Geology at the University of Missouri. After spending several summers in Northern CA. doing research, she decided to take her experience as a Scientist in the classroom and become a teacher.
“Ms. G” – taught High School Physics in San Lorenzo before joining ECP.

Ms. Bien: English  [National Board Certified]

**November 2016 educator of the month**

Ms. Bien is thrilled to be teaching eighth grade English in her second year at Elmhurst. She grew up among cows and pine trees in Maine, but had a lot of important travel experiences that changed her life.  Her first teaching job was in Ghana at the age of 17.  She moved to Chicago to attend college.   At the University of Chicago, she studied Latin American Studies in order to learn another language.  She was able to study in Mexico and Bolivia with money from her university.  She also got her Masters’ degree in Teaching.  After graduating, she taught middle school in Chicago for several years before moving to Oakland.  She loves her students here in Oakland but finds the weather boring and too sunny.  She believes that education is the pathway to freedom and chooses literature that inspires young people to understand and transform their world.

Mr. Short: Mathematics

**September 2014 Educator of the month**

William Short was raised in Northborough, MA and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Quantitative Economics and Finance from Providence College. Mr. Short’s extensive work at Camp Coniston in New Hampshire fostered a love for teaching and leading youth. He moved to Oakland, CA in 2012, where he joined the ECP family as the 8th grade mathematics teacher and earned a Masters of Arts in Educational Policy from Loyola Marymount University. Mr. Short loves technology, playing the guitar, solving crossword puzzles and is an avid supporter of both ECP and New England sports teams.

Ms. Esposito: History

**February 2016 Educator of the month**

Elizabeth Esposito was born in San Diego, CA. and adored every second of it. She later attended Arizona State University and studied Secondary Education/History. In Arizona, she found that teaching was her true passion and is so excited to start her 3rd year at ECP as the Eighth Grade History Teacher.



Ms. Mallon: Special Day Class


Ms. Cole: Resource Specialist

Ms. Morales: ELD

Ms. Morales taught ELD for three years in Richmond before joining the ECP Family two years ago.

Ms. Mercer: STIP Sub


Mr. Rodriguez:  Boys PE Teacher

Mr. Calderon: Art Teacher

Mr. Colston: Assistant Coach

Ms. Council: Assistant Coach

Ms. Lucero: Dance Teacher

️Ms Lucero was born in the small town of Chalchuapa, El Salvador.  At the age of five, Ms Lucero and her family moved to Sweden due to the civil war in the 80’s.  Later in life, Lucero moved to the Bay Area and got her degree in dance and choreography, became a professional dancer, choreographer and educator.  This is her second year at ECP and she absolutely love this school, predominantly  not only because we all are cool…. but because we thrive to achieve  excellence through a community oriented value latter, no matter what!

Mr. Neal: Assistant Coach



Mr. Douglas: Literacy Coach   [National Board Certified]

**June 2016 Educator of the Month**

Curt Douglas is California born and raised-life’s been a slow migration north. He knew the Bay Area had become home when ‘hella’ became his favorite adjective. He worked in Bay Area public schools for ten years before joining the ECP family. He believes in dancing in bare feet, the beauty of the color purple, and the power of us all to grow our brains and lift up each other through hard work.

Mr. Ogbai: Math Coach

**May 2016 Educator of the Month**

Asmara Ogbai was born and raised in sunny San Diego. He moved to Santa Barbara and attended UCSB, where he studied Sociology and Black Studies. After college me moved to Los Angeles where he began teaching middle school math and science. He completed his M.A. in Education at LMU. Mr. Ogbai was so cool in middle school he was one of three students to finish middle school with straight A’s BAM!!!!   Asmara is coming to ECP after living in Washington, D.C. for the past 3 years. He loves outdoor activities, traveling, and trying all kinds of food.

STUDENT SUPPORT TEAM  (a.k.a The Justice League)

Ms. Ariel: Peer Restorative Justice Coordinator

**January 2016 Educator of the Month**

Ms. Barajas: Community Schools Manager

Ms. Vigay: Extended Learning Time Director

**March 2016 Educator of the Month**

Mr. Flores: Community Relations Assistant

Ms. Gomez: Office Manager

Ms. Gomez has been working at ECP as the office manager since 2006. She is an Oakland native and a product of Oakland schools, so she takes a lot of pride in her work. Ms. Gomez believes that providing excellence at her job is a form of giving back to my community. She loves that the ECP staff is awesome and always willing to go above and beyond for our kids!

Ms. Gutierrez: Attendance Clerk

Ms. Salazar: Restorative Justice Director

**December 2015 Educator of the Month**

Sagnicthe Salazar is a first generation migrant Xicana from East Oakland by way of Guadalajara, Jalisco.  She attended OUSD schools starting with Lazear Elementary and continued on to be the first in her family to attend a four-year college.  She has dedicated the last ten years of her life to organizing for cultural, educational, labor and human rights within communities of color.  She worked at Castlemont for seven years in various roles ending with the role of Dean of Restorative Discipline and School Culture, and she is currently the Director of Restorative Discipline at ECP.

Mr. Tatum, Restorative Justice coordinator

Jason Tatum was born in Hayward, CA. and spent his childhood between Oakland and the Central Valley, where his grandparents lived. He later attended CSU, Hayward where he studied Ethnic Studies and Political Science. For the past decade he has worked in East Oakland and San Francisco, teaching staff and students Restorative Practices. In his “Off Time”, you can find Jason at one of his sons; football, basketball, soccer or boxing matches. He also loves drawing, cooking, building and hanging out with friends




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