Elmhurst Community Prep and Alliance Academy choose new name

Students, staff, and families continue to make plans for the upcoming school merger, where Alliance Academy and Elmhurst Community Prep will combine to form a new, larger, and better middle school. Before the holidays, the schools completed a three-month process to select a name for the newly constituted school.

First, staff from both schools met and engaged in a design process to identify the priorities and values they wanted to see in a new name. Staff identified their top three as: 1) historic; 2) connected to community; and 3) simple and direct. Students repeated the process in advisory and identified their top three: 1) historic; 2) connected to community; and 3) empowering. Staff and students had almost the identical priorities.

From there, the Design Team met and developed out three name choices, keeping the historic school name “Elmhurst” in all of the name choices. Student government and staff leaders planned a Town Hall assembly for both schools, sharing the three names the Design Team proposed as well as the additional name the Family Leadership Team brainstormed. Then everyone voted, and after the votes were counted, we had identified the new name for next school year:


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Elmhurst shows tremendous growth in School Performance Framework!

The Oakland Unified School District released its latest round of the School Performance Framework (SPF). This report analyzes school quality in both academic performance and school climate and culture, including recent SBAC and SRI scores, chronic absence, suspensions, and student/ staff/ family surveys.

For the 2014-2015 school year, ECP had an overall score of 1.91 placing the school in the bottom tier. Of the 22 schools that serve students in grades 6-8 — including 6-12 and K-8 schools — ECP ranked 20 out of 22.

“It was frustrating and embarrassing,” said Principal Betlach. “I know we are a better school than that, and we needed to work hard and focus on results.”

The current SPF, which shows performance for the 2015-2016 school year, demonstrate that teachers and school leaders did just that. ECP raised it’s overall score to 3.43 an increase of 1.52 points, moving the school up to Tier-III. More exciting still, the school improved it’s overall standing among middle schools to #6 in the District, behind only Hillcrest, Brewer, Life, Greenleaf, and Claremont.

“We’re excited,” said Principal Betlach. “This is really validates the hard work of our amazing staff, and it sends a message to the community.”

Highlights include tremendous improvements in English SBAC performance, 8th grade high school readiness, chronic absence, and suspensions.

Asked what message he thought this report sent, Principal Betlach elaborated: “If you live in Deep East Oakland, you don’t have to go searching about for a quality school. You don’t have to leave your neighborhood or leave the district. ECP is here for your child. We are a safe, stable, high-functioning school, and we get better every year.”

You can find the full report below.


Ms. Flores-Schustack Honored for Excellence in Teaching

Last Tuesday, the Oakland Unified School District honored 42 employees from across sectors at an annual event entitled “Honoring Our Own.” Among this year’s honorees was ECP’s own 7th grade English Teacher Mara Flores-Schustack. An eight-year veteran, Ms. Flores-Schustack was one of eight teachers given a Teaching Excellence award.

Board President James Harris introduced Ms. Flores-Schustack, saying: “Mara Flores-Schustack creates warm, inviting classroom spaces, where students are pushed to work collaboratively, read extensively, and write fluently. She provides the structure and supports necessary for students to achieve at high levels, and consistently reflects upon and refines her practice in order to reach more kids and push them further. As a colleague, Mara knows we are borne forward on the strength of our professional relationships, and she consistently demonstrates the power of collaboration and working together to create the best possible learning experiences for our young people. She is a true model of professionalism and excellence. ”

In accepting the award, Ms. Flores-Schustack said, “ECP is a true community, and I am honored to work there every day.”


Elmhurst Students Honor Black History

On Friday, February 26, ECP students packed the school’s auditorium for a weekly Town Hall. The topic this week was a celebration of Black History. Principal Betlach started off the event by acknowledging that society sets aside February as a time to honor the contributions of African-Americans throughout history, but that we ought to study and recognize the contributions of all groups of people throughout the year. “The history of one group of people, is the history of us all,” he said.

Ms. Council, affectionately known as Coach T, then too the mic and introduced the performance.

Then, the ECP dancers took the stage.

Coach T.’s performers re-emerged for the next act, holding signs which read “Rest in Peace Oscar Grant” and “Rest in Peace Trayvon Martin.” Ms. Lucero performed a praise dance and at the end of the ceremony, Ms. Shepherd lead students in honoring fallen and departed ancestors.

Check out the entire performance on ECP’s YouTube channel.


Winter Sports Begin at ECP


The winter sport season got off to a great start for the student-athletes at Elmhurst Community Prep. Building off the success of last season, which saw the girls make it to the play-offs and post the highest team-GPA in the school, The girls soccer team has started 3-0. ECP girls have posted a goal differential of +15 during that three game span.


Boys soccer won their first game 7-1. In their next two games, they have been unable to duplicate that success, but have continued to score goals, and have an even goal differential.


The basketball team is excited to hit the court, and have posted a 2-0 record behind two different forfeits. Hopefully, their opponents will meet the Elmhurst Eagles on the court before the end of the year!

Elmhurst Bathrooms Receive a Make-over

This summer, crews are hard at work at Elmhurst, undertaking a massive renovation of the school’s bathrooms. The plan calls for a complete make-over.

“In addition to increasing the fixture count for toilets, urinals, and sinks, the restrooms will receive new flooring, tile, paint, partition walls, and accessories,” says Eduardo Rivera-Garcia, the project engineer.

When kids hear the news, they invariably cheer.

“It’s about time,” said 8th grader Jayson.

Principal Betlach agrees. “I’m really glad the District is making a commitment to Elmhurst’s young people,” he said. “This is one of the oldest school buildings in Oakland–built in 1906–but that doesn’t mean that our facilities need to be old or gross or out-of-date.”

“We need to agree on a rule,” Betlach continued, “nothing in the school should be older than the principal. No paint, rugs, tile. Nothing.”

At Elmhurst, they’re almost there.

“We have a new auditorium, new paint-job, but we have some lockers from the Nixon administration,” says Betlach.

The renovation began with a complete demolition of the existing bathrooms. Crews will work all summer to install the new fixtures and facilities. Students and staff look forward to a nice improvement when school resumes on August 24th.

The bathrooms are Elmhurst are being torn down and then rebuilt

ECP Honors Black History with “Day of Love”

ECP staff, students, and community honored our Black/African American Community during Black History Month in a variety of ways.

black power black love

We kicked the month off by celebrating Black/African American Literature, we taught all of our students the impact that Black/African American Literature has had on our society by having our Black/African American staff members sharing different authors books and poems via video.  We involved our students by teaching them impactful moments in history and having them put on a dynamic student led production.  We closed out the month on 2.28.15 by engaging families in an event that was designed to celebrrate life.  We called the event, Day of Love, and honored the Black/African American young lives that have been taken.  Our students shared a praise dance, video that they produced and we honored those lives through libations.  Food was provided, music was danced to and families were able to embrace one another in a loving and powerful way.  The staff at ECP enjoys celebrating different cultures and we look forward to celebrating many more throughout the year.

Day of love_Ls up