About ECP

Elmhurst Community Prep was founded in 2006 as part of Oakland Unified’s small autonomous schools movement. Located on 98th Avenue in Deep East Oakland, ECP serves 375 Latino, African American, and Pacific Islander students in grades six, seven, and eight. We believe a quality school must support students both emotionally and academically and we are committed to do both at high levels. We seek to engage students in rigorous academics and high-quality enrichment activities that prepare students for college and career.

Our mission, grounded in our commitment to Social Justice, is to ensure all students promote from ECP on a positive life trajectory, and prepared for A-G coursework in high school. No Matter What.

To achieve this mission, we base our work on these four core values:

  • High Expectations: Students will perfomr at high levels when adults prove that they believe in them.

  • Collaboration: Our chool’s success will not be built by a series of individuals working in isolation; rather, we are borne forward on the strength of our professional relationships and the power of working together.

  • Positive School Culture: To create the conditions for powerful learning in Deep East Oakland, we work deliberately to build relationships with students, celebrate success, and create opportunities for kids to be kids.

  • Family Involvement: Parents and families are the experts on their children and we must earn trust and build learning partnerships.

  • Community Schools: A successful school in Deep East Oakland must attend to both the academic health and overall well-being of its students.
  • Social Justice: We acknowledge that power, privilege, and oppression are factors athat have shaped inquitable outcomes in our edcuational system. We work to teach about these inqequities, challenge biases, and choose restorative practices over punishments.

Instructional Program

All of our students take the five core academic subjects–English, History, Math, Physical Education, Science. In addition, all students take a class called RiseUp that provides additional learning time in literacy or math; and an advisory course that provides socioemotional learning and student skills support.

At ECP, we believe that technology can be a great accelerator of student achievement. Since the 2015-2016 school year, 100% of our classrooms have come equipped with a Chromebook for every student. Students are able to use interactive technology, Google apps, and sequence their learning experiences to match their own pace.

Extracurricular Activities

ECP offers a rich extended day program. Here, students receive time to work on homework, as well as the opportunity to take music, performing arts, visual arts, and youth empowerment classes, as well the chance to participate on our athletic teams: basketball, flag football, volleyball, track, and soccer.

ECP is a school on the rise. Together, we are creating one of the fastest improving middle schools in Oakland. Follow our progress on instagram @elmhurstcommunityprep

Next Year…

For the 2019-2020 school year, we are merging with Alliance Academy, a middle school that shares our campus. Our combined school, which will be called Elmhurst United, will serve over 700 students in grades 6-8, with a focus on taking the best from both schools and building a better Elmhurst for the students and families of East Oakland. Watch this space.


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