ECP Students Participate in Bay Area Debate Tournaments


Elmhurst Community Prep students are participating in the inaugural year of the Bay Area Middle School Urban Debate League.  The fall debate topic was the Syrian refugee crisis.  Eagle Debaters prepared arguments for both the pro and con side of the resolve statement: “Countries should prioritize the humanitarian needs of refugees over national interests.”

So far, Eagle Debaters have participated in two tournaments against other middle school students from San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland.  In the second tournament, Mahason Nagi and Juan Sura came in 7th in the debate pair category while Donna Arce-Moreno and Jayla Brumfield came in 14th and 13th overall in the individual speaker category.

A new topic will be announced soon for the spring debate season.  At that point, Eagle Debaters will be hard at work gathering evidence, analyzing sources, and constructing arguments for the next tournament, scheduled for March.