Elmhurst Bathrooms Receive a Make-over

This summer, crews are hard at work at Elmhurst, undertaking a massive renovation of the school’s bathrooms. The plan calls for a complete make-over.

“In addition to increasing the fixture count for toilets, urinals, and sinks, the restrooms will receive new flooring, tile, paint, partition walls, and accessories,” says Eduardo Rivera-Garcia, the project engineer.

When kids hear the news, they invariably cheer.

“It’s about time,” said 8th grader Jayson.

Principal Betlach agrees. “I’m really glad the District is making a commitment to Elmhurst’s young people,” he said. “This is one of the oldest school buildings in Oakland–built in 1906–but that doesn’t mean that our facilities need to be old or gross or out-of-date.”

“We need to agree on a rule,” Betlach continued, “nothing in the school should be older than the principal. No paint, rugs, tile. Nothing.”

At Elmhurst, they’re almost there.

“We have a new auditorium, new paint-job, but we have some lockers from the Nixon administration,” says Betlach.

The renovation began with a complete demolition of the existing bathrooms. Crews will work all summer to install the new fixtures and facilities. Students and staff look forward to a nice improvement when school resumes on August 24th.

The bathrooms are Elmhurst are being torn down and then rebuilt